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Isaidat Law Review

Isaidat Law Review covers all aspects of comparative and transnational law. It is also dedicated to the neighbouring fields of legal anthropology, law and language, law and arts, law and the cognitive sciences, as well as to the dialogue between law and other disciplines. Articles are subject to double blind peer review.

Isaidat Law Review
established by Prof. Rodolfo Sacco

Editor Prof. Michele Graziadei
Vice Editor Dr. Domenico di Micco

Steering committee

Gianmaria Ajani
Gianantonio Benacchio
Mauro Bussani
Raffaele Caterina
Rossella Cerchia
Silvia Ferreri
Antonio Gambaro
Bianca Gardella
Alberto Gianola
Michele Graziadei
Elena Ioriatti
Barbara Pasa
Barbara Pozzo
Marina Timoteo

International Advisory Board

Jürgen Basedow
Pablo Salvador Coderch
James Gordley
Nicholas Kasirer
Duncan Kennedy
Hein Kötz
Horatia Muir Watt
Etienne Le Roy
Vernon V. Palmer
Reiner Schulze
François Terré
Jacques Vanderlinden †
Marcilio Franca Filho

Editorial Board

Domenico di Micco
Lorenzo Bairati
Giovanni Boggero
Marco Giraudo
Geo Magri
Sabrina Praduroux
Federico Riganti
Lorenzo Serafinelli
Shaira Thobani

Contacts –
ISSN: 2039-1323

Isaidat Law Review is supported by ISAIDAT – Subalpine Institute for the Analysis and Teaching of Transnational Affaires Law, under the patronage of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.